• About us

Mariposa develops solutions for patients with epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS). Its first solution is derived from the unique chemistry and biological activity of ajoene, a metabolite of crushed garlic. 

Grounded on its unique expertise in ajoene chemistry and its biological activities, Mariposa has identified synthetic analogues of this small molecule that activate surrogate keratin expression, thereby functionally compensating for the genetic defect in EB simplex patients.

Vision & History

Mariposa Therapeutics is a spinout of Neem Biotech in Wales, exploiting a group of compounds showing potential for the treatment of patients with the rare inherited disorder epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS), the most common of the EB disorders. Our aim is to initially develop topical applications that intrinsically restore skin cell resilience, thereby mitigating the appearance of blisters and wounds. Further development programs will address other forms of EB, making Mariposa a leading developer of solutions for this debilitating disease and thus giving hope of a better life to hundreds of thousands of patients across the world.

The Team

Mariposa’s leadership combines expert generalist business acumen and specific functional expertise in biotech, with an extensive understanding of the drivers and capabilities needed for successful drug development. 

Dr. Lucy Sykes Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Tracy Nevitt Head of Innovation
Dr Gareth Evans Head of Chemistry
Thomas Hafner Executive Chairman
Carin Beumer Board Member
Dr. Robyn Hickerson Head of Innovation
Dr. Bill Pigg Non-executive Director
Investors & Collaborators

Mariposa’s seed funding comes from Neem Biotech in Wales and the EB Research Partnership, based in the USA. EBRP is a highly motivated funding partner with a strong commitment to finding a solution for this debilitating genetic disease.

If you are interested in joining us on our mission, please contact us.