Mariposa is developing innovative solutions to treat keratin related skin disorders. The company is a spin out from Neem Biotech, based in Wales, which has a long history in pharmaceutical research and has extensive capabilities to develop commercially viable solutions for serious healthcare challenges.

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About Mariposa

Developing novel treatments for patients with keratin related skin disorders 

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The Science

Grounded on specialist expertise in epithelial cell biology and keratin intermediate filaments

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Collaborate with us

Join in to innovate with us and to find new treatments for patients with no current cures

Latest News
Jun 15, 2022
Damian Marron appointed as Non-Executive Director of Mariposa Therapeutics

Damian Marron is an experienced Board Chair and Non-Executive Director, corporate advisor and former serial CEO with a successful track record of value creation through public and venture capital financing, portfolio planning, M&A, licensing agreements and R&D collaborations, both as...